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Victory for Victoria: Film Set Flowers for ITV Drama

30th October 2017

IMG_6570In Spring I had an unexpected phone call from a lady in Church Fenton, who was looking for tradional funeral chaplets. I explained that both myself and Lisa had been taught the tradional ways and that although these methods are only used at Christmas time now for wreaths it is most definitely not a lost trade within the older florists. Later in the conversation it was revealed that the funeral work of chaplets and Laurel garlanding was to be featured on the ITV series Victoria.  As I was already a fan of the show, as you can imagine I was very excited.

Both myself and Lisa had a meeting with Art Director Micheal Howells on the set of Victoria just down the road from Selby at Yorkshire Screen’s new film studio in Church Fenton. The old air hanger now contains the main areas of Buckingham palace. After our meeting in the hub of the Art directors work room we were taken by Michael to look around the set. Firstly we met the creative people making props, curtains, and a full buffet.. And then we were not disappointed starting the tour in the main airhanger beneath the main halls in the servants areas, boot room, under the stair, then Micheal led us upstairs to reveal the stunning walk of the beautiful corridor, Axminster carpets, fully working fires and gilded statues. The chandlers sparked in the light…truly breathtaking. We walked down to the ballroom where music was playing as cast members were practicing there waltz… and then to Victoria boudoir which had just been redone for the second series. 2500 hand covered buttons hold the silk to the walls of the room. Beautiful drapes gave this room the luxury feel…I glanced at the writing table to see the specially selected writing equipment and paper.  The attention to detail was totally amazing.

Returning to the works van a little shell Both Lisa and myself hoped that we would get the contract and later we found we did. Just to be one tiny part in Mammoth Screen’s film production would be very exciting.  Lots of planning started, as Micheal’s eye for the greatest detail became our creation.

Season 2, episode 2 revealed our hard work in a 30 second airing both in the lying of state scene and in the church. All the sweat getting the wreath on the chandelier in the church was totally crazy but the experience of been on location at Allerton Castle and Allerton Church was unforgettable. Both myself and Lisa had great fun.

A few weeks later we did another funeral which has yet to be screened.

Catheryn 😌




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