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‘A Day in the Life’ Xfactor David Heath

19th May 2016



David Heath was well know in the 2006 Xfactor contest as part of Eton Road, with fellow singers Anthony Hannah, Danny Morris and James Edwards. That year the winner, Leona Lewis took to the world by storm but there is no love lost between the contestants and remain friends. After the show finished David opened a fantastic dance school for kids ‘Attitude Dance’ which is based in Liverpool where the star still lives. Each year he performs in pantomimes around the country, and got to see him when he came in the opera house in York a few years ago. I got to meet David though another friend and I was lucky enough to be able to get an interview with this charming guy.


‘Hi David, what inspired you to first audition for Xfactor?’

‘ I really wanted the band to be know and seen. So though Xfactor would be the perfect show to put us on that platform’

‘What door did it open for you to start your own career?’

‘It opened so many doors I’ve literally worked all around the world performing and meeting people I never thought I’d meet.  I get booked every year for panto and opened my own dance school now using the name’

‘What’s Simon really like?’ I smile with a cheeky grin!

‘He’s actually really funny.  Lovely but loves drama so he likes to cause it then laughs it’s all for good tv really’

‘What’s important to you now? (Family/friends/career)’

‘My career is important but without my friends and family I wouldn’t be me😊’

‘What inspires you now?’

‘My children at my dance school inspire me everyday. They all strive to get better and better and make me push them to there full potential they are so talented.’

‘what advise would you give to younger people?’

‘I’d say don’t let anyone get in the way of your dreams as you get one chance in life so live it!’

‘There’s been a lot in the press about men crying, what’s the last thing that made you cry? (Sad or with laughter)’

‘I cried the other night watching Surprise Surprise lol…. I love a good cry haha sad or laughing its normal!! You always feel good after a good cry haha.’

‘Who was the last person you brought flowers for?’

‘My mum, I buy her flowers every week just to let her know I love her..I’m a mummy’s boy lol so she gets white roses every Friday’ 😊

‘What do you normally buy your mum for Mother’s Day?’

‘The question should be what don’t you buy your mother on Mother’s Day lol. She is very spoilt lol’

‘Whats your favourite flower?’

‘Red roses, it has to be the big ones though’🌹

‘Thanks David for a catch up on how life after XFactor transformed your life and been such a lovely person’ lol X

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